Power Take-Off (PTO)

A Power Take-Off shaft, or PTO, is used to transfer power from a tractor to an implement. Most tractors are equipped with a master shield to cover the PTO stub shaft when it is not in use. PTO shields should never be removed from the tractor, except for maintenance work, and should be replaced immediately when the work is completee.

Use Appropriate Shields

When shields are removed, it leaves the stub shaft exposed and puts the operator at risk of entanglement. Entanglements can happen when you are working near a PTO and a piece of clothing gets pulled into the PTO. The rapid revolution of the PTO can pull you onto the PTO and tear clothing off, sometimes resulting in serious injury or death.

It’s important to be alert and keep a safe distance from the PTO while it is in use. Twice your height is a good distance to stay from the PTO. The two common speeds of a PTO shaft are 540 and 1,000 revolutions per minute. At those speeds, you can be injured in less than one second!

If there is a problem or you are stopping the machinery, shut down the PTO, stop the engine and set the brake to prevent any accidents.